Vacationing at Home

I am always on the move, either for work or my personal weekend getaways. In July for instance, I visited Rome, Naples, New York, Boston, Rhode Island and Paris. As much as I love traveling, I do need some time off without any activity or planning. For this reason, I decided to spend my summer vacation at home, in India. Here are some tips on enjoying while relaxing at home and not let boredom creep in.

Say Bye to Technology

Don’t be reachable! There is no need to worry about leaving the details behind like who is getting engaged or who is honeymooning where. Your close friends will fill you in with all the necessary information anyhow so don’t spend a minute on social media. I check emails once a day to make sure I am not miss anything important related to work. The first week of my holiday did not go as I planned because I had decided to not touch my phone AT ALL. But my luggage got left behind in Berlin during transit and never reached New Delhi so I had to keep in touch with the airport staff and airlines while they were tracing my luggage for 6 days. So I was very much glued to my phone during the first week but after that I maintained a distance and only used technology intermittently.

No Housework

Don’t do that extra load of laundry. Don’t run the dishwasher. Just don’t. When at home, it is easy to fill the extra time with extra chores. I am lucky to have an elder brother who has taken care of my meals throughout these 3 weeks. Our housecleaner has kept the place spick and span. So honestly I have become a couch potato this summer but I have no regrets.

Read Something New

Now that you aren’t answering the phone or doing chores you’ve got a lot more time on your hands to do fun stuff. Reading a good book from start to finish is my favourite vacation activity. I am an avid reader and I often pick another book before I finish reading one. This summer I narrowed down my choices and chose a few new novels written by contemporary Indian Authors. I have enjoyed these books thoroughly and the ones I could not read are now in my Christmas break reading list. I have been living abroad since age 3, and my connection to India is limited to Bollywood movies and annual holidays spent with cousins. After reading books by young authors of my country I get a new perspective and it helps me fill in the gaps of what knowledge I have of my country. Pick a theme, buy a few books, lose yourself for a couple of hours every day. Relax.

Watch Movies

Netflix finally gets used when we’re on vacation. Apart from streaming TV shows, I succeeded in catching up with the latest movies, some good and some bad, but relaxing none the less.

Reflect and Relax

Spend time in your backyard, your balcony or your pool. My outings are restricted to a couple of times a week to my grandma’s place or to meet a few relatives. I have managed to be homebound this summer and to be honest I feel so refreshed. I got time to look around the house, go through my old stuff and donate clothes and shoes I no longer wear. Above all, I have spent most of my time with my pooch who refuses to leave me alone for a minute and this is the most wonderful vacation I could ask for.

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