Paris, Je T’Aime

Paris: cultured, sophisticated, classy, romantic, beautiful, historic, and stylish.

Paris is the city of love indeed. Every time I visit I fall a bit more in love with myself ;). Let me explain…

For me going to Paris was not just a vacation but also more like an achievement.


So back in 2012 during my first trip to mainland Europe, my passport got stolen on day 1 in Rome. A month after that trip a friend from Australia was visiting me and both of us were supposed to go to Paris together by Eurostar. Due to the mishap in Rome, my trip got cancelled because I had to apply for a passport as soon as I got back in London (got an emergency hand written passport in Rome).

So I was very heartbroken and all the dreams I had to travel around Europe were shattered because I felt unlucky and like it was sign I shouldn’t even travel. LOL. In 2014 when I got a job in Sweden, the first trip I planned was OBVIOUSLY Paris!

So there I was, walking around the streets of Paris finally. I honestly felt like I had overcome an obstacle, which I created for myself: fear. I was so fearless, I wandered around the city until midnight and ate lots of croissants and macaroons and climbed the stairs of Notre-Dame.

I fell in love with Paris because when I went there I liked myself more and liked the person I was becoming. Every experience over that weekend was amazing and heartwarming, I met some kind strangers helping me with directions, some very sweet flirtatious waiters who wanted a picture with me and, of course, I saw some impressive bridges and monuments. I stayed at a hotel a bit far away from city center of Paris at Villeneuve-la-Garenne, which is why a lot of time was spent to commute but it was worth it. I visited Paris again the year later and I am currently planning my 3rd trip.

Must see:

  • -Notre-Dame (Climb up to get a fantastic view of the city)
  • -Eiffel Tower
  • -Picnic at the Trocadero on the other side of the Tower
  • -Shakespeare & Company
  • -Catacombs
  • -The Louvre
  • -Arc de triomphe
  • -Day trip to Versailles (I still have not done this one)




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  1. I love Paris too! I would 100% agree that climbing the stairs of Notre Dame is a must do. I would vote to skip the Eiffel and go right to picnicking in its shadow. Have you been to Place des Voges? It’s my other favorite picnic place!

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