Jakarta: A Culinary Paradise

I moved to Jakarta in 2003 for high school and left in 2008. But when I moved back to Jakarta after my Masters in London, that’s when I actually explored around and got a taste of the most prominent city of South East Asia. Luckily I had a friend from my undergrad in Melbourne who knows a lot about the city and with her I tried a few amazing restaurants. The vibrancy of Jakarta along with its innumerable up-scale restaurants, cafes and bars make it that much better place to live in. Here is a diverse list of some of the city’s finest cafes and restaurants with the best ambience, exquisite cuisines and stunning views.

Jakarta CBD


Fitzroy itself is a name of a suburb area in Melbourne and the owners of Fitzroy are a group of Indonesians who used to study in Melbourne and this restaurant is their ‘memoir’ of the glorious days back in Melbourne. Before you even step out of the elevator and reach the third floor, the scene of Fitzroy is what you’ll have behind those glass elevator doors. The overall area is not exactly spacious but they have refurbished the area into a pretty comfortable dining area, again very urban and in a way artsy and stylish with the usage of wood furniture. You’ll notice the hand drawn deer illustrations on the wall. They also have a Gastrobar located at the center of the restaurant. They serve Melbourne delicacies and the restaurant is decorated in gorgeous bohemian style.






Ron’s Laboratory

Ron’s Laboratory is a molecular gastronomy dessert house. The place’s main item is the Liquid Nitrogen Gelato (not ice cream). With the use of using liquid nitrogen, Ron’s Laboratory’s gelatos have a very smooth texture, which melts in the mouth with a pleasant after taste. Apart from molecular gastronomy products, Ron’s Laboratory also houses selected imported coffees that enhance the flavors of the gelato and sorbets offered. Since the name itself is ‘laboratory’, the concept itself is not far from the root. It’s represented in the staff’s uniforms, the formula text on the glass, the utensils and the chalkboard.

Ron's Lab





Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho!

Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho! promotes the Southeast Asian street delicacies with a very distinctive style. Just as it’s funky name suggests, Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho! offers a lively and dynamic venue that combines the diverse flavors of Malaysian, Thailand, Vietnamese, and Singaporean cuisines. The menu focuses on hawker-style delicacies, to ginger up familiarity and approachability. In short, Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho! is simply a perfect place to eat, drink, and socialize.

Howdy Hey Ho!




Fook Yew

Fook Yew is a funky, casual Chinese restaurant inspired by the mouth-watering delicacies from the streets of Shanghai. The restaurant is set in an old fashioned Chinese-pop-style canteen. Open all day, from brunch all through late night, the basic idea behind Fook Yew is to present a different kind of fun ambiance you might not come across in other traditional Chinese bistros/restaurants. The interior and design concept integrate various fun classic Chinese clichés such as Chinese zodiacs, Chinese movies, Kung-Fu School, Chinese Pop Art, and many more.








Opened by Dapper Ismaya Group, Skype is located on the 56th Level rooftop of BCA Tower (Menara BCA). Skye is a high-end bistro and lounge, which offers a stunning panoramic view of Jakarta’s skyline. With its unique Southern-American influence on its architecture and interior design, SKYE comprise of spacious indoor and outdoor areas providing a unique atmosphere for a quick getaway for Jakartans from their daily hectic lives. SKYE’s outdoor area is a ‘bistro by day, lounge by night’, while the indoor area is an ‘all-day dining’ restaurant. SKYE serves international ethnic cuisine focusing mostly on hispanic food, with some strong integration of Middle-Eastern, and Asian countries delicacies.





Cacaote is definitely one of the most beautiful dining places in town. Located not too far from the famous pastry cafe, Colette & Lola, Cacaote definitely raise the bar high to others patisserie at Senopati area. The place is a big Victorian house turned into a fancy two storey restaurant. The first floor is more casual, white with touch of gold and flower vintage chairs. It is warm and homey in a classy way. They serve a wide range of desserts, and the macaroons definitely stand out.








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