About me



I am Anjali, a third culture kid. I was born in Gwalior (India) and grew up in Bangkok (Thailand), Surabaya and Jakarta (Indonesia). Despite my inclination towards Literature and Arts, I studied Biomedical Sciences in Australia (B.Sc. University of Melbourne) and UK (M.Sc. King’s College London). Right now I am a researcher at University of Pavia (Italy) on a Marie Curie Scholarship.

Prior to this, I worked in Hong Kong for a few months followed by research in Lund (Sweden) for almost 2 years. I love writing, traveling and interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds. So far I have visited 40+ countries. I spent more than a year traveling around Asia and completed an Island TEFL course in Bali back in 2014.

I started this blog to share tips on all the places that I have visited. If you have any questions or comments please get in touch with me through the contact form.

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