NORWAY: Oslo & Flåm


My first trip to Oslo was in December 2014 with a friend from High School. We took a ferry from Copenhagen and spent 2 nights on the ferry.

Ferry dropped us off at the port and from there we walked until the city centre. On my second trip to Oslo I stayed at a good hostel with self check-in service, 1 minute walk from central train station: City Box Oslo

Oslo is a lovely small city. There are free walking tours starting from Tigeren. Walking distance from central station are a few attractions which include:

  • Frogner Park (World’s largest sculpture park)
  • Henrik Ibsen’s House (I studied his book A Doll’s House in High School so I was keen on visiting the place where he got inspired to write)
  • Nobel Peace Centre: On the way while walking to Frogner Park


The second time I visited Norway was for Norwegian Fjords. From Oslo (station), I took a train to Flåm with the following route:

-Oslo to Myrdal  & then Myrdal to Flåm by train called Flåmsbana

In Flåm I took a cruise for 2 hours which covers Gudvangen Fjord. And next day a short ride to Stegastein viewpoint.



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